Veterans Day is celebrated on 11th day of 11th month of every year in United States. The day is celebrated to honor military individuals those severed for country. Each and everyone have their unique ways to celebrate and give tribute to military members. Like some restaurants offers free food, organizations provide huge discounts on their services and products and much more. Sending our Veterans Happy Veterans Day Poems is also a unique way to appreciate our veterans. So here we are with famous Veterans Day Poems 2019.


America the Free ~ America the Brave ~
Freedom with price Capitalism attacked

the many taken hearts broken still
one World try to rebuild
sadness and tears fall hard with fears
guilt by association many accused still
souls evaporated shattered dreams
tears fall on innocence left with anger
The proud fearless knew the inevitable
policeman fireman many lives lost
grieving does not stop 12 years later
New York city once proud & shameless
refusing to let fears in protecting ours
left in shock still question’s unanswered
nothing learned nothing gained
ready to attack many left behind
anger greets denial anger meets rage
unacceptable still refusing new love
wanting days to rewind let us go back in time
acceptance allowing the victims leave in peace
the brave taken young leaving us sadly old
haunting dreams lost spirits dwell
no answers to hate never forgetting that day
Evil entered suddenly unforgiving fate
entering our City we stand with the fallen
How to fix how do we Change

Veterans Day is a too much inspirational day for every American. The day is observed as a national holiday in country. The day is observed on 11th November because World War 1 was ended on this day. If you want to dedicate a beautiful and motivational poem to a Veteran then you are at right place. Get Veterans Day Poems Quotes from here.

Famous Veterans Day Poems 2019

The veterans Day Poems are written and dedicated to appreciate the work of Veterans did to keep us happy and safe. It is a one kind of Veterans Day message that says Thank you to all military members. So here we have a large collection of famous and short Veterans Day Poems 2019 . These poems give you a chance to show your feelings towards your worriers. So why are you wasting your time? Just get some best Veterans Day poems 2019 and send to Veterans to make them feel special.

Take A Moment To Thank A Veteran

When you see someone in a uniform,
Someone who serves us all,
Doing military duty,
Answering their country’s call,
Take a moment to thank them
For protecting what you hold dear;
Tell them you are proud of them;
Make it very clear.
Just tap them on the shoulder,
Give a smile, and say,
“Thanks for what you’re doing
To keep us safe in the USA!”
~By Joanna Fuchs


Secret Respect

There’s not a Fascist in the USA
Who doesn’t, in their true heart, say
I’m thankful for those who serve and fight,
So I can peacefully sleep at night.
No partisan politics can keep away
The gratitude I feel, but cannot say
To veterans who kept America secured,
With all the hardships they endured.
Away from family, friends and more,
They knew what they were working for:
Keeping freedom really free
For the right, the middle, and even me.
Veterans, you have my deep respect,
Even if it isn’t politically correct.
~By Joanna Fuchs

Inspirational Veterans Day Poems Free

On Veterans Day, we honor those who fought for United States. Some have lived while other died, but all of them deserve our honor. However we don’t know each name but we proud of them who took care of our national flag. There are lots of ways to thank them but nothing s better than sending beautiful short Veterans Day poems.

At home our “war” for freedom
Is sadly overdue;
Let’s respect them for their courage;
They’re ready to do what’s right
To keep America safe,
So we can sleep better at night.

Let’s support and defend our soldiers,
Whose hardships are brutal and cruel,
Whose discipline we can’t imagine,
Who follow each order and rule.

Here’s to those who choose to be warriors
And their helpers good and true;
They’re fighting for American values;
They’re fighting for me and you.
clad in rags, he wanders on Wall Street
he is invisible to hustling stock brokers
he is a man with no money, no property
a hapless struggler of excessive loan burdens

So dear friends Veteran Day 2019 is coming soon. So get ready to thank veterans with some best Veterans Day Poems 2019.

Veterans Day Poems Songs

Being a United States national holiday, the Day Of Veterans celebrated yearly with lots f zeal and respect. All folks of the USA engage in many fun-filled activities and also express their homage to their brave heroes through a share inspiring Veterans Day 2019 Poems. Go ahead and have a look at our awesome collection which includes a huge of best and meaningful Veterans Day Poems to respect your soldiers. Also, share at social sites like facebook, pinterest and instagram these lovely and Happy Veterans Day Poems with all your friends and dear ones.

If you are going to organize an event to appreciate veterans then Veterans Day Poem Songs must be part of that event. The thing gives them a special feeling and makes them more motivated and charged up. So if we want that our country remains safe then our military persons should have high moral. So why let’s go this chance to make them self motivated through our Veterans Day Poems.

What We Do

We don’t go through all the training.
We never experience the fear.
What we do
Is always, always wish
That you were here.
Where would we be
If you didn’t sacrifice?
Your time, your futures –
Too often your lives.
What we do
Is love you, our veterans.
~By Natasha Niemi

You’re My Hero

Without you this country wouldn’t be the same;
You fight and you battle
For our common name.
Your level of courage is oh so rare
You’re dedicated and faithful;
You’re always there.
You’re my hero,
My favorite soldier,
And I love you.
Come home soon!

~By Natasha Niemi

You Are Remembered

You’re always remembered
For we can never forget –
Your courage and sacrifice
So that others can live –
With hope and without fear.
Know on this day
And all days,
You are remembered.

By Natasha Niemi

Veterans Day Inspiring Poems are most popular patriotic poems. So here we have few Veterans Day Poetries for our veterans. Read all Veterans Day Poems 2019 from here and choose best one for dedication.