Veteran Day is celebrated on 11th November each year and it is observed as a national holiday in United States of America. The day is celebrated in US but not many people know the actual & interesting Veterans Day facts. This is the reason that here we are with a numbers of happy Veterans Day facts to make people aware about the day.

Veterans Day is also celebrated in some other countries with different names and it mark the World War I ended at 11th hour of the 11th day of 11th month in 1918. So initially the day was observed to remember those veterans who died in World War I. It was the first anniversary of end of World War I on 11th November 1919. The day was initially observed as Armistice Day but later on the American president changed the name and declared it as Veterans Day. {Read more – Veterans Day History}

Veterans Day Facts

Initially there was no holiday on 11th November, Veterans Day but later on in 1938, the government declared the day as national holiday. Later in 1954, the contemporaneous president of United States, Dwight D. Eisenhower changed the name of Armistice Day to Veterans Day. After that people started celebrate it by giving honor and respect to veterans who served or are serving for the country. People started offering veterans free meals in resurrects, heavy discounts in stores and much more on this day.

Happy Veterans Day Facts

In 1968, The US Congress moved the Veterans Day celebration from 11th November to 04th Monday of every October. The thing came in effect in 1971 but just after 4 years in 1975 President Gerald Ford returned the day to 11th November back.

The day is also celebrated in other countries like Australia, France, Canada, Britain and Russia but with different name and on different date. In Canada and Britain, it is celebrated as Remembrance Day.

Some people get confused with Memorial Day but Memorial Day and Veterans Day are different. The Memorial Day is celebrated to honor those who lost their lives for serving country. On other hand the Veterans Day is celebrated to honor those who served in Military, alive and deceased.

Each year on this day there is a ceremony organized in Arlington Cemetery to honor all those who have lost their lives in war.

As per a survey in 2011, 8.1% of Veterans in United States are women.

Approximately 35% of Veterans who are alive today have served the country during Vietnam War.

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